Best 5: 55-inch 4K TVs 2019: the best medium-sized screens for any budget

Searching for the best 55-inch TV out there? TechRadar has you secured. In this purchasing guide we’ll take you through what to search for in your new 55-inch TV, and the best in class models standing by to be taken into your home.

55-inch is the goldilocks of TV sizes: not as reduced as the 40-inch TVs, and not as super-sized as the 65-inch TVs either, the 55-inch TV possesses an incredible center ground between sheer size and common sense.

Obviously, in case you’re searching for an unrivaled home film understanding, a greater 65-inch or 75-inch TV will be the best for most extreme effect. Yet, a 55-inch set will even now offer a sizeable picture for your films and TV appears, without occupying every last bit of room in your family room – just as each penny in your check.

On the off chance that a 55-inch TV set sounds excessively enormous for your needs, at that point look at our pick of the best little TVs for your front room

Regardless of whether you definitely knew a 55-inch TV was directly for you or we’ve figured out how to talk you round to the thought, you shouldn’t stress over discovering one with the essentials heated in. Most 55-inch TVs that are available right currently will bolster 4K goals, HDR and will have worked in keen TV administrations for sure. So except if you’re taking a gander at an old or incredibly, modest model, you should discover at any rate one of these highlights (and normally every one of the three).

That implies that to settle on your choice about which 55-inch 4K TV to purchase, you’ll have to concentrate on the model you need, just as how a lot of money you’re willing to leave behind to give your home diversion arrangement a redesign.

You’ll likewise need to think about whether you’d lean toward the unparalleled brilliance of LCD or the film beating dark levels and profound differentiation of an OLED.

Conceded that is a great deal to consider, yet we’re here to point you towards probably the best 55-inch 4K TVs accessible to purchase. Every one of the sets recorded underneath have been attempted and-tried by our master analysts, and you can navigate to peruse the full surveys for increasingly about the pluses and minuses of each model.

1. LG OLED55C8

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: LG’s C Series OLED best this rundown for the subsequent year running, with the new LG C9 model flaunting the absolute best of LG’s qualities.

With the efficient webOS keen stage giving you simple access to the brilliant TV’s numerous applications and administrations, and the OLED board and updated a9 Gen 2 processor to make those pictures truly fly, there’s next to no to reprimand in this great 2019 LG TV.

The C9 isn’t the most exceptional LG TV out there, with the E9 and W9 models offering bolder structure and greater sound yield – regardless of whether the image quality is the equivalent over every one of the three models. Be that as it may, for the presentation you get at the value, the C9 truly can’t be beat, and merits pride of spot at the leader 55-inch TV size.

The inclined TV stand utilized in the C9 additionally attempts to pipe sound from its descending terminating speakers toward the watcher; not exactly a trade for the E9’s 4.2 channel speakers, however an indication of the C9’s determination to offer the best experience it can with the parts gave.

2. Sony XBR-55X900F

The Sony XBR-55X900F is a LCD TV, yet in many conditions you get OLED-like dark execution because of fantastic neighborhood diminishing with negligible corona ing.

This year Sony has improved brilliance and movement taking care of. It capitalizes on HDR, and holds more detail when there’s movement on screen.

The Sony XBR-55X900F is likewise altogether more affordable than most OLED TVs – you get top-end execution on an increasingly reasonable spending plan. Like the 2017’s Sony BRAVIA XBR-65X900E the set uses Android TV, which is adaptable yet can feel delayed on occasion. In any case, the equalization of cost and picture quality is right on the money.

In the UK this TV is knows as the Sony KD55XF9005.

3. TCL 6-Series Roku TV

On the off chance that you had profound pockets and a checkbook loaded up with limitless tickets to ride, we’d guide you to arrive at profound and shell out for simply the best TVs available – LG’s insane meager OLED W8 or Samsung’s ultra-splendid Q9FN QLED. That is not so much practical, however. For the huge, dominant part of us, our financial limit to spend on a TV is constrained to some place under $1,000 (and regularly not as much as that).

Keeping that in mind, it’s totally reasonable for state that the TCL 6-Series is the best TV you can get in this value go. Its exhibition per-dollar is unrivaled, and its image quality – regardless of a couple of minor defects – will genuinely intrigue you.

4. B&O BeoVision Eclipse

Purchase a B&O TV and you don’t simply get top of the line picture quality: the B&O BeoVision Eclipse is additionally a plan proclamation.

It has an incorporated 450W, six-driver soundbar and a mechanized stand that gives you a chance to tilt the screen to suit your survey position. It’s a shocking floor-standing TV (as opposed to one you mount on the divider).

The showcase itself is an OLED made by LG. You get the comparable picture quality and a similar programming, WebOS, as one of LG’s own sets. That implies impeccable dark and brilliant shading, if not exactly as solid movement dealing with as the most recent very good quality Sony LCD TVs.

In case you’re not worried about the B&O enchantment sprinkled on the Eclipse, you’ll see comparative picture quality with perhaps the most recent oled. Be that as it may, this is one TV you can’t simply come down to its picture versus the value: it offers an alternate encounter, and an alternate look, to some other TV out there.

The cost? You’ll have to hack up $9,995 (£7,495, AU$13,990).

5. Sony A9F/AF9 OLED

Why purchase the A9G OLED? The 2019 model exceeds expectations with regards to upscaling, with SD and HD pictures looking as cleaned and nitty gritty as you could seek after on the A9G’s 4K show – while the OLED board figures out how to draw out amazing shading and difference execution.

Sound is likewise a key component, with Sony’s excellent Acoustic Surface+ Audio innovation transmitting sound out of the board itself, instead of sticking out of back terminating speakers.

There are some particular blemishes important, including the absence of Freeview Play – the on request administration for British telecasters. While you get premium Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos positions, there’s additionally no HDR10+, which might be an issue contingent upon which spilling administrations and HDR sources you use. The A9G is, notwithstanding, IMAX Enhanced guaranteed for those excited about the true to life angle proportion and DTS-blended sound that bears.

In the event that you can manage the cost of the eye-watering value, this is outstanding amongst other 55-inch TVs out there.

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